Wisconsin Moves Toward Online Teacher Certification

ByMike V. Cooper

Jun 3, 2019

As schools suffer from a nationwide teacher shortage, Wisconsin is one of the first states to partner with a nonprofit program that helps potential teachers get certified online.

The American Board, a nonprofit organization, is the only online program that the Wisconsin Department of Education (DPI) accepts as a route to teacher certification.

“We have to get them to work in school, so whatever route it takes to get you there, I totally agree,” Jill Literski said.

Literski has been representing the American Board program for a year. She holds information meetings throughout the region at places like the Waupaca Public Library. She taught in the Wausau School District for 14 years and was also a substitute teacher.

“Without a program like this, there are a lot of talented people and a lot of people who know kids or work with kids who just don’t have time to change their lives for two years and get back to school. ‘school,’ Literski said.

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree can choose one of the many subjects in which they wish to be certified.

Once they have successfully completed the American Board’s online course, they can land a teaching position.

“Your administration will frame you, monitor you and guide you,” Literski said. “After three years of fieldwork, you can then return to DPI and become a regular certified teacher.”

Literski says the program has only been accepted in Wisconsin for about two years. But she believes giving people a cheaper, more convenient path to education will not only help more people find careers they want, but give kids the number of teachers they deserve.

“This is how it is, we are in 2019, and we have to move forward and move on to what today asks us to do,” Literski said.

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