Students told to drop out of college for not attending online classes – The New Indian Express

ByMike V. Cooper

Nov 16, 2021

Express news service

VIRUDHUNAGAR: A second-year student at a private arts and science college in Virudhunagar District submitted a petition to collector J Meghnatha Reddy claiming that the college administration asked him to obtain his Transfer Certificate (TC) because he had not taken an online course during the pandemic.

Talk to The new Indian express, the student, continuing his second-year physical education course, said he received a letter asking him to recover his transfer certificate (TC) due to “insufficient college attendance leading to repeating the semester “.

“I went to Tiruppur to work in a printing house because I didn’t have enough money. Until recently I also didn’t have a smartphone. I went to college and explained, but they did not listen to me, “he said. noted. Looking further, it was found that at least 110 students received a letter asking them to get their TCs.

When The new Indian express contacted another Mahesh * student, it was the same story but a different reason. “I had to go and work in the fields with my parents to earn enough money to be able to eat and repay the loans. I worked and bought a phone recently and tried to attend classes while working. But I was asked to turn on my camera, which I couldn’t while I was working. As this conflict persisted, I stopped attending classes after a few days, ”he said.

Another student, seeking anonymity, said he still did not have a smartphone. “When I explained it, I was told it wasn’t their concern. What can I do if I don’t have the money to buy a phone? I’m ready to relearn if I get it. a ‘repeated semester’, “he said.

When the college principal was contacted, he said these were the students who had not communicated with the college in any way about the issues they were facing. “We had asked them and still ask them to explain the difficulties they are facing. We are ready to help. But we were not informed about it, and these students were not in contact. Even after the beginning of the offline courses, we continued the online and offline courses, and they did not come, “he said.

“The idea that they can’t attend class but take the exam somehow prompts other students to follow suit by not coming to class. Some parents also abuse it. leniency offered to students. So we sent the letter, “he added. said the college supports all students and is ready to help them in any way for real reasons.

When asked if students would be allowed to repeat the semester, he said it would be allowed if they have real reasons, as renewing the semester is complicated as the schedule changes.

(* Names changed)