Start of online classes for students of the vandalized Kallakurichi school from Wednesday July 27 – Edexlive

ByMike V. Cooper

Jul 26, 2022

Photo for representation purposes only | (Photo: Express)

Pupils at the vandalized Kaniyamoor School near Kallakurichi will resume online lessons from Wednesday July 27, Higher Education Minister Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi announced on Monday July 25.

“This was decided during a meeting on the schooling of the 2,694 baccalaureate students and the 500 CBSE students of the school. We assessed the possibility of organizing lessons for them in neighboring establishments,” added The Minister.

Today, Tuesday, July 26, the District Collector will meet with representatives of the Parents’ Association to discuss conducting in-person classes at alternate locations. “We plan to start in-person classes next week for students in grades IX and above as they have public exams. They would need 15 classrooms – 12 for students and three for teachers,” Anbil said. Mahesh.

He added that talks had been held with institutions within a two kilometer radius of the vandalized school and some of them had offered their support. For example, the management of a school has promised to provide transportation. “The certificates of all students and teachers have been burned. We have the details and will issue them duplicate certificates. We will meet with the parents to get their views on this,” the minister said.

He added that special permission will be obtained for parents who wish to transfer their children to other schools. As for the operation of the hostel without permission, the minister said that the matter is up to the social welfare department and that the district administration has already sent a circular to the schools to obtain the permission of the hostels.

Anbil Mahesh said the chief minister will launch the Manavar Manasu program on Wednesday. Under this program, nearly 800 doctors will be appointed to visit schools and offer psychiatric counseling to students.