Schools move to online classes after city restrictions | Ranchi News

ByMike V. Cooper

Jun 14, 2022
Ranchi: Several schools in the city have started online classes and many are planning to do the same due to restrictions imposed in parts of the city after the violence last Friday.
Schools, which suffered several academic losses earlier due to the pandemic, are now making up for it by starting online classes. Many of these schools – St Columbus, Cambrian Public School, St Arvindo Academy, Chiranjeevi Concept School and G&H High School, among others – that have started online classes are located in areas where Section 144 is being implemented.
Amit Singh, the vice-president of St Columbus School, said: “We have started online lessons so that restrictions and tense circumstances do not hinder studies. Due to the Covid-19 closure, students have suffered a lot in the past two years. »
He added that online classes will not only keep their students safe, but relieve parents.
Neeta Pandey, Principal of Cambrian Public School, said: “We are concerned about the safety of our students, especially those who have had to travel long distances to attend classes. With the restrictions, we don’t want them to have any difficulties. Therefore, we have launched online sessions to cover the program.
Swati Mishra, the Principal of St Arvindo Academy, said: “To cover the program on time and to keep students engaged in their studies, we have started online sessions until the situation improves. .”
Chiranjeevi Concept School Principal Shweta Tripathi also said, “Given the situation in the city, our school has also started remedial classes for students from Monday via online. This will allow them to dispel their doubts until the situation improves. Remedial classes are special classes for students who wish to clarify their doubts. These students will have the possibility to erase them via the online mode.