Save 92% on lifetime access to this bundle of stacked online courses for college students

ByMike V. Cooper

Jul 4, 2022

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TL; DR: The 2022 Perfect Score Academic Success Master Class Bundle is on sale for £40.36, saving you 92% off the list price.

Whether you’ve taken a semester or two or are returning to school after a decade, it can be hard to get back on track. From time management to effective study habits, a little reminder on how to put your best foot forward couldn’t hurt. And that Academic Success MasterClass Package – which happens to be on sale for just £40.36 – is packed full of useful strategies.

The MasterClass package includes five HD video lessons taught by Dr. Shaan Patel, MD MBA, of Prep Expert, a shark tank and the Mark Cuban company specializing in SAT and ACT prep. Patel actually earned himself a perfect SAT score after implementing many of the strategies taught in these classes. While you may not be in line to take the SATs or ACTs, the strategies taught in these courses can definitely help you achieve the best grades, test scores, and academic performance.

The five video courses cover improving time management, increasing productivity, studying effectively, passing standardized tests, and succeeding in general college courses. Dr. Patel covers 100 academic strategies that have helped some 50,000 students accelerate their academic careers. He also explains how he applied each strategy to his own life for real-life examples and how you can apply them through simple hands-on exercises.

With that limited time offer, you’ll get lifetime access to all five courses, which include 100 lessons and approximately 30 hours of content. That means you can browse them on your own schedule on desktop or mobile. There are no strict assignments or deadlines to meet, but you might want to try and get through everything before you go back to school. It’s just £40.36 for the whole package.

Announcement of Prep Expert

Announcement of Prep Expert

Credit: Preparedness Expert

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