Python from the Scratch: This online course from Georgia Tech will get you into the industry in just five months, and with a certificate

ByMike V. Cooper

Sep 15, 2022

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Programming is a booming sector, especially for those who master certain languages, such as Python.

Today, and everything seems to indicate that it will be so for a long time, knowing a programming language is a guarantee at the work level, which is why many people try to learn even the basic concepts of this world, a first step towards going further there.

If you’re one of those who want to cut to the chase, Python is one of the fastest growing languages. It can be used for just about anything and is quite flexible, whether for AI, desktop or mobile application development. There are plenty of courses to get started, though the one Georgia Tech offers on edX stands out among them.

It is a completely online course and offered on this MIT platform, the most popular in online education in the world almost certainly. It lasts about five months, although you can complete its different phases at your own pace.

Introduction to Python ProgrammingIt’s entirely in English, as makes sense given the university that teaches it, but it has something really good about it, and that is that it offers a professional certificate when you finish it . There are many great courses to schedule, but few have this certificate and even fewer from a prestigious institution.

Georgia Tech’s course for learning to program in Python ranges from the basics, such as learning the different variables and operators, to debugging code errors, so you can start with little knowledge about it, although a course Basics is recommended on the fundamentals of programming, such as this one sweeping Udemy.

The “negative” point is that it is not a free course like many others from edX, but it has a price of around 500 euros. That said, it is affordable considering its quality and the certificate it issues, which has professional validity.

You can complete it within the official deadlines that are set, up to five months, or just take it at your own pace as we have already mentioned.taking more or less depending on how much time you can spend each week.

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