Out-of-school girls take online classes – Pajhwok Afghan News

ByMike V. Cooper

Aug 30, 2022

KABUL (Pajhwok): Schools offering online education to girls above sixth grade were highly appreciated by participants who want the relevant ministry to reopen schools immediately.

After the regime change in the country, all schools were closed for a few months. But when they reopened, the government barred girls above sixth grade from returning to school. They were told to wait for the next orders.

The Ministry of Education is still undecided on whether to reopen secondary schools for girls, prompting some organizations to launch online classes.

One such initiative is the Shumama online courses for Afghan girls, which began operating a year ago and are currently educating some 1,500 students above the classroom.

Ehsan Mahdavi, a manager of Shumama’s online classes, told Pajhwok Afghan News that after the regime change and the ban on girls’ education, they decided to launch this program.

The program has been running for a year and girls from different provinces of the country are participating.

The official said: “2,500 students applied to join the program, but due to lack of resources, we were only able to admit 1,500.”

He said the online education system was operated voluntarily by 40 teachers inside and outside the country.

Program participants are offered credit cards to pay for internet charges. However, he did not quantify the internet charges.

Referring to the financial support of the online education initiative, he revealed that two people living in a foreign country are supporting the school.

In addition to school studies, he explained, students received skills development training in sewing, computers, English and Pashto.

Shaista Joya, a class 12 student from Jaghori district in Ghazni, said, “For the past 11 months, I have participated in online education at Shumama school. This program has been very beneficial.

She said the training is free and students also get support for internet activation.

The student, however, demanded the rapid reopening of secondary schools for girls across the country.

Khatera, 11 year old studentth year, said, “I am very happy to receive online training at Shumama School. I learned something here. If our school doesn’t reopen, I’ll feel bad.

She also called on the government to reopen girls’ schools as soon as possible.


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