NSUI threatens to protest if government does not revert to online courses and exams | Goa News

Panaji: Stressing that many students have contracted Covid-19, including those who are doubly vaccinated, the student wing of Congress had demanded that the state immediately proceed to online classes and exams. The National Student Union of India (NSUI) has said that delaying exams and classes until the end of the third wave of Covid-19 is not an option.
“Online courses should be restarted to stop the spread of the virus. Examinations must also be completed online. Colleges start from Monday, so the government should make a decision as soon as possible, ”NSUI State President Naushad Chowdhari said.
Chowdhari, who spoke at a press conference at the party office, warned the BJP-led government that students would suffer if educational institutions and restrictions are not imposed immediately to contain the spread of the virus.
“All educational institutions must be shut down and all other appropriate Covid measures must be taken,” Naushad said. “We will be obliged to gherao the director of education if he does not close the educational institutions and enforce the restrictions.”
NSUI also questioned the lack of state border security, screening and testing protocols, especially as thousands of tourists have flocked to Goa from states with high numbers of cases of the latest variant of Omicron.
“The Omicron is more transmissible than the Delta variant. However, the state government has taken no action to contain it. During the last wave, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant was busy attending political meetings and now he is also busy with elections, putting people at risk, ”Chowdhari said.
He claimed at least 16 college students tested positive and several other double-vaccinated students tested positive. Chowdhari released the test results of the students with the names redacted. He wondered how students who tested positive might respond to offline exams in the coming days.
“The Center has enabled the University of Goa to conduct offline exams and courses in blended mode. We therefore ask the government to allow the student community to attend classes at home, ”he said.