Mumbai: Students Complain About Abolition Of Online Courses By Some Colleges | Bombay News

MUMBAI: Even though teachers in the city’s colleges are struggling to slip into a hybrid teaching mode with limited resources, a few are trying to increase the number of physical sessions. One college in the city had decided to launch mandatory offline courses for one course, another is now planning to hold offline courses in the first week and repeat the program online the following week.
After a few students complained, the University of Mumbai issued a circular on Tuesday recalling the government directive requiring colleges to offer courses in hybrid mode. Principals, however, say students who are fully immunized also opt for the online option.
A few students at DG Ruparel College, in a letter to University of Mumbai vice-chancellor and cabinet minister Aaditya Thackeray, claimed that the college issued a circular on November 27, stating that some classes would be held only outside online, unlike university courses. mandate of animation of classes in hybrid model.
A college teacher, however, clarified that the decision had only been taken for a few lessons at the request of some students. “The college did not provide Wi-Fi services. Some teachers managed to manage independently, not all. Thus, only a few lectures have been delivered offline in the past three or four days. ”
Now, after a few students objected to the move, the college has decided to run offline classes one week and repeat those for students taking online classes. Pradeep Sawant, a member of the university’s Senate, said he also received a letter of complaint from some students at SIES College in Sion. One teacher said, however, that all lectures are held in hybrid mode at the college.