Medium acquires well-known audio learning and online course platform

Medium announced the acquisition of Knowable, an audio learning platform and library of original audio courses led by experts.

Last week, Medium announced the acquisition of the Knowable audio learning platform and will adopt and promote Knowable’s immersive audio learning tools that help further inspire users and empower people to learn new things. and grow.

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Knowable will bring a team of lifelong learners, subject matter experts and award-winning producers to create informative podcast-style audio courses exclusively for Medium users through the platform.

Contributors on Knowable include NBA All-Star Chris Paul, record-holding astronaut Scott Kelly, high profile speaker Celeste Headlee, and notable organizations such as MIT and the Upright Citizen’s Brigade.

With audio still in fashion, more than 190 million people per month in the United States listen to audio online, of which over 100 million do so through podcasts.

Speaking of the acquisition in a blog post on Medium, Ev Williams, CEO of Medium, said:

“Having established a podcasting business in 2005, I have always believed that audio was a natural way to enrich Medium’s value proposition and fulfill our mission of deepening our understanding of the world and coming up with valuable insights. “ adding that “It’s obvious that spoken audio is growing in popularity. There are times for all of us when our eyes are busy but our minds are open. “

The acquisition will not involve a merger of the two platforms, as Medium states that Knowable will remain a stand-alone application. Additionally, the Knowable team, including its co-founders Warren Shaeffer and Alex Benzer, will remain in place and help lead Medium’s broader audio initiatives.

On the occasion of the acquisition, Knowable offers a 75% discount on subscriptions. The promotion will be available until the end of the year.

“Knowable joining forces with Medium is a win-win solution for both communities. Well-known listeners will soon be able to hear from many of Medium’s amazing writers, and Medium’s writers and readers will have new ways to create and discover great ideas through audio, ” said Warren Shaeffer, vice president of audio at Medium.

Additionally, any book author and industry expert can apply to become a Knowable Creator and have their audio courses listed on the platform. “Knowable and Medium will work closely together to help more people spread good ideas through text and audio. “

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