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ByMike V. Cooper

Apr 13, 2022



“You are in mute mode.”

It’s a language that none of us thought was part of our everyday vocabulary – but alas, we need to get to grips with them for now. The good news is that we’re no strangers to adaptation at this point, as we find more and more creative ways to walk in our daily lives.

LearningLeadersShanghai’s first after-school training center for debating and public speaking, offers a solution for students stuck in lockdown.

Since 2014, LearningLeaders has been operating in China, reaching over 5,000 students. And with great competitive success, students have won the World School Debating Championships, Asian Debating Championships, European Debating Championships, US National Debating Championships, and Chinese National Debating Championships – starting in 2022, for seven consecutive years!

It’s no secret that student learning has been heavily disrupted lately. Young people were thrown into online learning and the communication challenges that come with it. With this change in lifestyle, it means that now, more than ever, effective communication is a non-negotiable skill for students.

That’s why LearningLeaders offers students in China an engaging and fun way to learn and practice their effective communication. So give your kids a break from the language of confinement and get involved in the language of leadership!

What is the Language of Leadership Club?

A live, daily after-school educational program where students can connect, contribute, earn, laugh, and learn to lead. Each day has its own activities to keep it fresh and entertaining – no blind lectures. The language of leadership is designed to get students thinking, engaging, learning, and leading.

Content covers Mike Hauge, CEO of LearningLeaders (and host of the Language of Leadership Club), blueprint for successful leadership. Students will have access to 30-minute masterclasses taught by expert coaches, fun quizzes, live speech analysis and analysis, and much more.

Check the schedule here!


How can your child participate?

It’s easy – especially for readers of It is!

Simply Click here or scan the QR below and use promo code ‘THATS’ to get FREE ACCESS until May 31st.


Each class will run from 5:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. China time, and you are just one click away from joining.

These short, online, and educational activities are a great replacement for wasting time like looking out the window, playing video games, or scrolling through WeChat.

But that’s not all…

While we have you here, know that LearningLeaders just launched its brand new LearningLeaders Goes Global program this week!

Click here or scan the QR below to join the waitlist, or – if you’re lucky – schedule a placement test.


Global programs begin June 1, so there’s no time to waste!