ISFSI partners with FSRI to release new online course

ByMike V. Cooper

Jun 30, 2022

(Columbia, Maryland) June 29, 2022 – The International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) and UL Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) have partnered to develop a free, comprehensive online course derived from over a decade of firefighter safety research. The new course “Evidence-Based Structural Firefighting” is now available online via FSRI Fire Safety Academy. This training addresses firefighting within a structure by establishing a basic understanding of fire science and fire dynamics and highlights key takeaways from NFPA 1700, Guide to Structural Fire Fighting. Published in 2021, this key document brings together the science, knowledge and experience of firefighting.

“By partnering with FSRI, we are bringing research to the streets to help you learn how to apply firefighting strategies to your daily fire operations that are grounded in science and based on best practices. This course is a valuable tool for firefighters and instructors of all experience levels. Not only will this program expand your understanding of fire dynamics, it will also help you integrate these tactical considerations into your firefighting procedures and training programs,” said ISFSI President Seth Barker.

During the two-hour course, members of the ISFSI and FSRI teams discuss topics such as the fundamentals of fire science, fire dynamics in structures, building construction, heat transfer and PPE, exposure and hygiene considerations, strategic considerations, tactical considerations and implementation strategies. .

“FSRI is proud to support ISFSI in the development of this course. Through this collaboration, we provide your department with a framework for developing policies, procedures, guidelines and training resources that we hope will make you a safer and more effective firefighter,” said Steve Kerber, Vice President and Executive Director of FSRI,” said Steve Kerber, Vice President and Executive Director of FSRI.

This online training is designed to help firefighters:

  • Understand why firefighting tactics are changing with modern construction, new on-site technologies, and changing fuel loads.
  • understand how to assess and approach the scene of a fire based on the latest scientific research and testing on fire dynamics.
  • be prepared to assess the growth and spread of a fire and use up-to-date control methods.

Click here Start the course and learn how to apply science-based, best-practice firefighting strategies and tactics to your day-to-day field operations.

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