Indian teachers use Google tools for online lessons

ByMike V. Cooper

May 4, 2022

Google tools have become a ubiquitous way for students and teachers to connect, learn, and collaborate. Many Indian students and teachers have turned to Google for everything from communication to learning.

According to a According to a survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group, a Google for Education partner, and EdTech service provider Schoolnet, 75% of Indian teachers want to use Google for Education tools to teach students how to learn better.

The study showed that teachers primarily used Google for Education tools to conduct online quizzes (66%), complete online lessons (56%) and store student data such as attendance and grades (42%).

Even as schools reopen, 76% of Indian teachers surveyed said they plan to use its tools regularly in the future. The survey was conducted among more than 50,000 teachers in three states.

Here are the top three Google tools Indian teachers have used for online teaching:

  1. Google Meet
    Integrated with Google Classroom, Google Meet allows teachers to create a dedicated meeting space for each class. Online classes take place on Google Meet, and assignments are posted and submitted on Google Classrooms. Google Meet is also used for virtual parent-teacher meetings. In the South Andaman district, the Ministry of Education has launched online teaching through Google Meet for a few selected schools. The initiative received a positive reception from students and parents. Subsequently, the government plans to expand this initiative to other areas of these islands where internet connectivity is available.

  2. Google Classroom
    Google Classroom is a free web service from Google for all schools looking to deliver digital education. While Google Meet is the virtual room where students meet and collaborate, Google Classroom stores lessons, assignments, and lectures. In Maharashtra, Pune, the local government organized a Google Classroom training for all teachers online with the help of Google for Education through the State Council for Educational Research and Training. As part of the initiative to improve the teaching and learning process, 40,000 teachers across the state received free G Suite credentials. Credentials will allow teachers to create and share files, spreadsheets and documents for better student learning.

  3. Google Forms
    Google Forms is a free online tool that can help engage students in the learning process, improve their class participation, and provide teachers with a way to assess their learning. Andhra Pradesh has created a Google form to collect the declaration of work done by teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, teachers regularly upload their work, such as correction of student’s workbooks, remedial lessons according to the alternative academic calendar, etc. At the same time, homework assignments were provided and assessed using Google Forms for Students.

Having the right tools is always a great way to make any course more educational. With all of Google’s tools, students and teachers can stay connected, collaborate, and study together, no matter how far apart they are.

Photo credit: iStockphoto/Indrajit Guha