How did online classes become preferred over in-person classes? – The lawnmower

ByMike V. Cooper

May 4, 2022

Chris Montgomery

Online Zoom meetings are still an option for students who prefer to stay at home.

Two years ago, online school was seen more as an inconvenience, many students had become accustomed to a routine without school. They had gotten jobs, hung out with friends, and started exploring new interests. Sitting in front of a camera to hear a teacher read a textbook for an hour and then assign worksheets just didn’t seem like a valuable use of time.

However, nowadays it seems that this attitude has changed. Students now show a preference for online courses. Second class enrollment opens for a new semester, you will be hard pressed to find an opening in the online options. Why is that?

Some classrooms at EvCC are still unused during the spring term. (Mr Che Lee)

On the one hand, the flexibility of schedules. Having the ability to completely control when and where you “attend” school not only adds a sense of power, but control as well. You can’t miss a lesson because you control your learning cycle. Because of this, as students, we work longer hours, have more free time, and don’t feel rushed by deadlines in class. Instead of planning life around school, school just becomes another part of life. “School used to be very overwhelming for me,” says Conner Lesewski, “now I feel like I have more time to myself than I can devote to the gym, my job, and all that stuff. I might be interested in. It makes time management less of an issue.

Other positives include personalized learning paths. You learn at your own pace and you don’t have to worry about peer pressure, it’s just you and a screen. “I think I speak on behalf of everyone in a sport or club that online courses have been a blessing,” says first-year footballer Juan Castillo.

Many students need extra help with textbooks outside of the classroom. In an online environment, you can view all of the text options available to you at any time and even schedule one-on-one zoom calls with instructors. Much less daunting than the task of doing it in person.

Additionally, just like at the start of the pandemic, it gives students the opportunity to explore life outside of school. ASU Prep Digital is inclined to say that “many online students are taking steps to enrich their lives and pave their own path to success by traveling the world, becoming rising stars in sports, or working part-time between classes. »

Juan Castillo performs a throw-in for the Evcc soccer team. Online classes help her balance athletics with academics. (Daniel Acosta)

College is about finding out who you are as a person and what interests you. Sometimes hours in a conference room won’t be enough for this journey of self-discovery. Going out and finding hobbies, teams, jobs, volunteering, and the relationships that come with it all help us grow into our future. Some even go so far as to create their own small businesses or online communities such as blogs, fitness accounts or political commentaries.

There was a lot of apprehension about the lockdown and the effects it would have on our education. Amazingly, the normalization of off-campus learning has helped us in the rebuilding process and will continue to do so as we move forward in the times ahead.