Have a few DU colleges returned to online courses? Here’s what’s going on – Edexlive

ByMike V. Cooper

May 18, 2022

The joy of physically returning to college in February 2022 has taken precedence over some Delhi University students as they have temporarily shifted to online classes. As all colleges welcome second and third year students for their exams, the above decision has been made to ensure that the exams go smoothly.

While some students face various challenges with switching back and forth between offline and online classes, others are neutral and see online classes as a chance to increase their attendance, which has been low since some students of them did not follow the courses on Campus.

What the students say
When Edexlive approached a few students and asked them whether or not they were happy with the current decision, Kritika Gupta, a student from Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology, said, “I am not happy with the decision, but I feel like they had no choice but to go online as they were running out of classrooms.”

“I’m neutral because it’s good to have more time thanks to the online mode. But I wouldn’t deny that the offline mode has its own advantages, because we learn a lot of things that we don’t usually encounter during online classes,” shared Hansraj College student Hasanpreet Kaur.

Nancy Goyal, a student at Shri Ram College of Commerce College, said: “There is a mixed feeling. Due to the heat wave, I couldn’t cope with college day to day. But on the other hand, I’m also not able to concentrate during online classes.”

Since online courses can be taken from anywhere, paying PG rent and taking online courses seems futile to them as they might as well go home, and still manage to take online courses and to save on rent.

In this context, Krithika said, “Students have adapted to the habit of sitting in class, concentrating, concentrating and writing notes, but since we moved to online mode, students might start taking classes casually.”

Krithika also added that the additional admissions that have taken place over the past two to three years are one of the reasons for the shift to online courses. Further adding, she said that due to the discrepancy in the academic schedule, the colleges were forced to conduct the second and third year exams together.

Purify the air
While few online reports and few students believed that the shift to online courses is solely due to the reduced number of classrooms, Delhi University Registrar Dr. Vikas Gupta acquitted these claims. stating that DU has not issued any official notice regarding the course mode change. . It is the decision of a few colleges that are having difficulty accommodating candidates presenting for second and third year exams given the COVID-19 protocol that must be followed, the Registrar added.

Dr. Vikas emphasized that “there is no shortage of courses”. This is temporary and it is being followed to maintain the sanctity of the exams by following COVID-19 protocol, he added. The Registrar further reported that the attendance for the current second and third year exams is 99% on average. For everyone else who failed exams because they or their loved ones tested positive, Dr Vikas said another chance would be given: “We will not put our students at a disadvantage.”

The Principal of Hansraj College, Dr. Rama Sharma, confirmed that indeed the decision was made only because the second and third year exams were held together and, also, the fact that on June 6, the offline courses will begin for first-year students. “Dr Sharma also assured that there is no shortage of infrastructure and they just want to carry out examinations in a peaceful environment.