Hainan High School organizes online courses for students and teachers of Moscow schools – society and culture

HAIKOU / China /, December 6. / TASS /. A high school in Hainan Province, southern China, held an online course for students and teachers at Moscow Schools No. 1329 and 1948 from November 20-28. According to the Hainan Daily newspaper, the program aimed to learn the Chinese language, the geography of China and the cultural heritage of the country.

“Before giving this online course, a team of teachers from Hainan Middle School repeatedly calibrated it based on the knowledge and level of Chinese language proficiency of students in Moscow schools,” said the newspaper quoting Chen Mei, a teacher at the Hainan school. . She explained that the course is divided into four thematic blocks, including interpersonal communication, Chinese cuisine, shopping and the country’s traditional festivals and festivals. For nine days, Russian students “traveled” through China with the help of videos, learned about the customs and traditions of Chinese national holidays, studied the history of Chinese monuments.

According to Su Huimei, head of the international department of Hainan secondary school, the Hainan educational institution has close ties with the two Moscow schools. “In previous years, Russian students and teachers have visited Hainan College to exchange experiences during winter camps,” she said. She said the winter school included Chinese language lessons, calligraphy, tea ceremony lessons, training in Taijiquan (Chinese martial art) and other disciplines.

“Educational exchanges have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and have been moved to an online format,” Su Huimei noted. “Despite this, Hainan High School is trying to promote the study of Chinese among Russian students, develop cultural ties and expand exchanges between the two countries,” she said.