From Online Classes to Virtual Exams – Grateful Students Thank Their Teachers – Edexlive

ByMike V. Cooper

Sep 5, 2022

Teachers’ Day is a special day set aside to show teachers how much we appreciate them. On this day, they are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the community as a whole or to a particular field of study.

EdexLive spoke to a few students about their struggles during online classes and how grateful students are for their teachers in their lives. It took a pandemic to make them realize the irreplaceable role teachers play in educating them and how they transform them into better human beings.

So here are three students who are just grateful to be back in offline classes, for their kind and patient teachers and they say the same on Teachers Day.

I feel that the teachers changed their attitude towards the children during the online lessons because it was difficult for them and for us.

The online classes were more difficult for the students and the teachers because we had technical problems and the students were also lethargic when it came to the online classes, most of us were connecting to the class on one side and we would be doing other things like watching YouTube, playing games, eating, etc. on the other hand.

I would prefer everyday offline classes to online classes because we could have in-person interactions and having a conversation with someone face-to-face is always better than doing it online.

When it comes to teachers’ struggles, I can understand the issues they may face. They have family and household chores to take on, and as such, they may not be very tech-savvy. And while we made efforts to understand their situation, we also found it difficult personally.

According to me, we should be grateful to our teachers because they put so much effort into teaching us during online classes and even for the effort they put in during offline classes.

J Charan Reddy (15), Class X, Sri Chaitanya, Hyderabad.
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The feeling when we switched to online classes was so boring. In online classes, it was so difficult to connect with teachers and tell them about our doubts. We also thought classes were boring and students and teachers were distracted during online classes as it was new to both of us and they were working from home which has its list of cons.

The online courses were so difficult to understand that it is really difficult for an average student like me to understand, pay attention and learn.

It’s more difficult because it’s been two years without good education, offline courses and exams. It is so difficult to return to regular classes as we enter the world after two years of confinement in our homes without any proper education.

I am really grateful to the teachers as they have done a great job during the pandemic situation via online lessons. They discovered online teaching apps for the sole purpose of teaching us online. They have been working hard day and night sharing educational information and materials through messages to keep us up to date every day from school and academics. The teachers learned, tried so hard to teach us and probably didn’t get a rest as they were updating one thing or the other on Whatsapp 24×7. I am truly grateful to all my teachers for doing such a wonderful job taking care of us.

Bhargavi (14), Class X, Dilsukhnagar Public School, Hyderabad.
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The difficulties of the online courses included the problem of understanding the parts taught and the technical and network problems that often occurred.

After resuming regular classes, I feel like I’m going back to Class I as we’re going to school after two years of online classes. It was fun, but also hard adjusting back to school. It was always nice to catch up with my classmates and talk to my friends.

I prefer regular classes because it’s easy to learn and understand the concepts. During the online courses I had to swallow everything to score points and the offline courses are better that way because I am able to learn.

We know the difficulties of our teachers during online courses. Especially how we ran into technical issues, there were times when my teachers also ran into issues and I know it might have been difficult for them to learn new technical things just to teach us.

We are always very grateful to the teachers. The value for our teachers has increased so much, and it comes from the bottom of our hearts, as they have gone the extra mile to bring us back to the normal way of learning after a two-year hiatus.

KS Tanish (13), Class VIII, Jawahar Vidyalaya, Chennai