CBSE Launches Online Teacher Training Course on Multi-Skills Core Course

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The Central Council of Secondary Education, in partnership with the Lend-a-Hand organization, has developed an online learning and assessment module on the Basic Multi-Competency Course for Teachers to promote the lessons. multi-skill base and provide training to teachers. from the administration board. The course will be available from June 29 to July 8, 2021. Registration is required for teachers to attend the course.

According to the official notification issued by the CBSE, the course has been developed with the aim of creating and making multisensory learning joyful, reflective and multidisciplinary. The course will consist of three modules on technology, life sciences, employability skills and professional pedagogy.

CBSE Online Teacher Training – Official Notification

Module Details

The first module will include workshop and engineering techniques, as well as energy and environment, while the second module will include gardening, nursery and agriculture techniques, as well as food processing techniques. . Module three will focus on improving the employability skills and professional pedagogy of teachers.

According to the official notification, each online orientation module will be organized for teachers to give them an overview of the content and how to use the course links. After conducting the orientation session, teachers will have 48 hours to complete the respective modules, after which an assessment will be conducted on the module.

Teachers will not be able to access the orientation session, training links, or assessments without completing registration. The link to complete registrations will be open until June 27, 2021.

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