Bachelor of Arts in Sociology | 4 week online course

ByMike V. Cooper

Jul 18, 2022

Sociology students are interested in understanding the causes and remedies of social problems. They tend to be both intellectually curious and idealistic, with a stated goal of wanting to create a better world. For these reasons, the career paths they choose are likely to be satisfying, fulfilling and personally rewarding.

According to the American Sociological Association (ASA)*, a BA in Sociology broadly educates students for an ever-changing job market. Using your sociological imagination can be a stepping stone to a variety of careers, helping to understand different viewpoints.

The major in sociology is conducive to the 21st century job market because it emphasizes critical analysis and written and oral communication. Additionally, it encourages students to “think outside the box,” not just about their communities and nation, but globally.

A sociology degree familiarizes students with theoretical frameworks that help them understand the social structures of the world around them. It introduces them to qualitative and quantitative sociological methods, which are useful skills in the job market, which students should emphasize on their resume. The degree prepares students to be creative problem solvers, to formulate evidence-based arguments, to work with diverse groups of people, to assess the validity of different research methods, and to identify ethical issues in sociological research.

Sociology students at NU are already working or considering careers in public policy, social services, consulting, public health, law enforcement, administration and marketing, as well as charities and government agencies.