After 2 years of online courses, 31% of teachers still do not master digital teaching: survey

ByMike V. Cooper

May 25, 2022

Despite two years of online learning process, more than 30.58% of teachers are still not very proficient with digital tools, reveals a recent report by TeamLease EdTech. The report titled “Digital Transformation of the Teaching Community” reveals that 93.39% of teachers can manage virtual classrooms, 50.41% can conduct online assessments and 40.50% can use content creation tools ; on the other hand, only 31.40% can manage an online LMS and 14.88% can operate virtual cloud labs.

The report further highlights that due to the sudden shift to online teaching, the majority of teachers (nearly 79.34%) learned by doing. In addition, teachers also equipped and prepared themselves by taking courses provided by institutions (35.54%), friends/colleagues/family (25.62%) and taking self-sponsored courses (19.01% ).

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The report also looks at how teachers feel about the future of digital intervention in education. Interestingly, 90.08% of teachers plan to use the technical and pedagogical skills they have acquired over the past two years. Indeed, 66.94% of them believe that these new skills have opened up better career prospects.

According to the survey results, teachers expressed interest in continuing to use digital tools in the future for virtual classrooms (74.38%), online homework (61.98%), pre – content registration (50.41%) and online exams (39.67%). percent). Additionally, 26.45% of teachers also want to use virtual cloud labs.

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Loss of Interest Key Challenge

The report also delves into the challenges of the digital learning space. 75.04% of educators believe that students tend to lose interest in online courses and 44.63% of teachers believe that students and teachers are still uncomfortable with digital integration.

From an infrastructural point of view, 65.29% of teachers believe that internet connectivity is a challenge and 50.41% of them believe that there is a shortage of dedicated laptops/smartphones with students.

Shantanu Rooj, Founder and CEO of TeamLease EdTech, said, “In India, there are 1,100 universities, 42,343 colleges and 11,779 stand-alone institutions and 38.5 million students. With the aggressive push towards digitization of learning through the National Education Policy (NEP) and recent UGC announcements allowing more universities to go online; it is imperative that a higher percentage of teachers be highly skilled and better equipped with the nuances of online teaching.

“As our survey indicates, 39.67% of teachers still feel that the training is inadequate and that they need additional skills to enable them to teach their students more effectively,” added Neeti Sharma, co-founder and President of TeamLease EdTech.

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