A side activity as an online teacher can earn you up to $ 60,000 per year

ByMike V. Cooper

Sep 23, 2021

Secondary activities are routine activities that can increase your income, with online education being an accessible choice.

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Many turn to side activities in order to boost their income, and it turns out that they can be very lucrative. For example, an online education program in Canada can earn you up to $ 60,000 per year. It’s not a small amount, and it could go a long way toward achieving your financial goals or making you feel more secure.

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As reported by Talent.com Canada , “The average salary for online teachers in Canada is $ 42,450 per year or $ 21.77 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $ 35,100 per year, while most experienced workers earn up to $ 61,425 per year.

It is clear that it is possible to earn extra income by having such a side activity, but it is not easy to jump in and start an activity as an online teacher. There are a whole range of ins and outs you will need to master to be successful in such a role, such as creating clear and concise instructional videos, writing lesson plans and descriptions, finding the right topic that matches your background and centers. interest, build websites for people to find your services, and apply search engine optimization tactics to your content to make it visible online.