8 Best Online Course Websites to Improve Your Career

ByMike V. Cooper

Jun 6, 2022

In today’s highly competitive world, improving skills is not an option; it is imperative. This is because most professions change rapidly. Forget what you learned in college; the skills you thought would help you throughout your career become obsolete in no time!

In this scenario, the one who does not continue to improve the skills necessary to progress in his career is excluded. Organizations no longer value employees or job seekers who do not reinvent themselves as needs arise, according to the demands of industry.

Fortunately, with the initial rise and subsequent explosion of the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) medium, today’s learners do not need to climb mountains or swim in oceans to do what their employers require of them. These online learning platforms put required and relevant courses at your fingertips. Upgrading skills has become much easier with the advent of this new technology.

So, the next question to tackle is how do I know which is the best online course website that understands my needs and helps me fill my skill gaps and make me competitive and wanted in the job market?

It is to help you make this decision that we have put together a small but effective list of the 8 best online learning platforms to improve your career. Here we are:


Udemy is the proverbial ace in the pack of online learning platforms. One of the reasons we say this is that it is one of the pioneers in this field, which gives it a tremendous advance. That aside, this online platform brings other benefits to the table.

Strong points:

Large number of courses, at a whopping 32,000+

Highly professional and qualified tutors

Partnerships with industry and with reputable educational institutions.

2. LinkedIn Learning

When you start in a garage and get bought out by LinkedIn, the world’s largest network of professionals, do you need a more solid introduction? That’s Lynda for you. Although its new avatar is called LinkedIn Learning, the old name continues to resonate with its learners.

LinkedIn Learning homepage

Strong points:

Hobnobs with several organizations around the world

Courses tailored to individual, corporate and academic needs

Known for its versatile range of courses in subjects ranging from science to soft skills.

3. Skills sharing

This e-learning platform should be supplemented for one major reason: it is not obsessed only with technical courses. This is one of the best things about Skillshare: it offers a bunch of courses ranging from animation and entrepreneurship to games and cooking skills.

SkillShare home page

Strong points:

Known for its exclusive selection of tutors, led by Guy Kawasaki

Project oriented

Subscription-based, starting at $10 per month.

4. SimplivLearning

SimplivLearning makes it into this list of top 8 online course websites simply because of the tremendous increase in its growth. Less than five years on the market, it has already reached a stage where it rubs shoulders with the best in the industry.

What caused such a surge? His understanding of the pulse of the market he is addressing. SimplivLearning offers every learner everything they are looking for. The USP of this platform is that its courses start at an amazing $2.99!

As commendable as that fact is, it’s not the only thing about SimplivLearning. Their customer service and refund policy are absolutely excellent.

Strong points:

Value for money

Huge range of courses, both technical and non-technical

Industry-leading refund policy and customer support.

5. Coursera

Launched by two Stanford professors in 2012, Coursera is a user-friendly and reliable platform for online learning. It is one of the best-known platforms that has had a profound impact on its large community of learners from student, professional and lay circles.

Coursera homepage

Strong points:

Unwavering reputation

Partnerships with over 200 top caliber educational institutions

Taught by industry experts

6. Khan Academy

What started as a small family-run teaching business is one of the big names to reckon with in the world of online learning. This is Khan Academy for you. Over the years, this non-profit platform has gone from strength to strength.

Khan Academy Home Page

Strong points:

Supported by global multinational organizations

Although he teaches on all subjects and at all levels, the emphasis is on the preparations

World-renowned faculty.

7. Audacity

As a platform designed to give tech professionals the extra edge needed to hone their knowledge, Udacity is at the forefront of e-learning platforms today. It’s a favorite online learning platform for tech professionals around the world who want to sharpen their toolkit.

Udacity homepage

Strong points:

Offers purely technological learning

Offers learning on specific skills and awards nano-diplomas for levels of learning

Has schools of learning in the respective disciplines.

8. EdX

We close this blog with a visit to edX. Another of the pioneers in the field, edX has earned a very high level of trust from its community of learners.

EdX homepage

Strong points:

Offers certifications under the MicroMasters, Professional Certificate and XSeries programs

Financial assistance for some expensive programs

Offers six levels of degrees.

Here is our pick of the 8 best online course websites to improve your skills. We hope this helps you make a decision as to which one best suits your needs. I wish you the best in your learning and further development!