51 cases filed in 2021-2022 to date for abuse of online study platforms: Kerala CM

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Tuesday warned against strict measures against anti-social activity and cybercrime associated with attempted abuse of online study platforms aimed at children. Addressing the state assembly, the leader of the Left Democratic Front (LDF) said that although the cyber sector has multiple positive aspects, it has recently been misused by anti-social elements to commit crimes. and cheat on children.

“One of those interventions has been hacking online courses by creating fake ID cards and uploading obscene conversations and videos to (social media) groups of which children, teachers and parents are members.” said Vijayan, adding that ensuring “uncompromising security” is the need of the hour.

The chief minister also said police received up to 51 such complaints in the current 2021-22 academic year, eight of which were filed after information verification and ongoing investigation.

Vijayan’s statements came in response to a submission by PMO lawmaker Sachin Dev on recent vested interests attempts to hack digital children’s learning platforms.

He further told the assembly that the state government has taken all possible measures to reduce such incidents of misuse, although it has limited control over several online platforms, because most of them are of foreign manufacture.

The chief minister said that only deep awareness can make children aware of the dangers of cybercrime and the misuse of study portals, and that “this requires our collective effort.”

Notably, in June, Vijayan said digital devices and internet connectivity would be provided to all students in the state, regardless of their monetary and geographic barriers, to facilitate online classes during the ongoing epidemic. coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

He also said immediate steps would be taken to ensure free or subsidized internet access for children in need, with the aim of bridging the “digital divide” among students in the state. Vijayan said the issue of internet connectivity in tribal and remote areas of Kerala would also be addressed.

“We have already called a meeting of ISPs in this regard … Our aim is to avoid burdening students of any kind and to ensure a hassle-free environment for their studies online,” he said. he declared to the National Assembly.

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